5 Ways to Care for the Neck Skin

5 Ways to Care for the Neck Skin

The neck is part of the face and must therefore be appropriately cared for. During makeup and skincare, every girl seeking perfection in their beauty must also focus on the neck region to avoid the color difference between the face and the neck. However, the routine for general face care isn’t the same for neck care. And in this post, we’ll see methods and processes involved in appropriately caring for the neck skin.

Why Does the Neck Skin Needs Care?

The skin on the neck is very thin and has less subcutaneous fat and connective tissues. Also, the skin on the neck has hardly any lipid-donating sebum glands and is constantly in motion – when nodding, shaking, or turning the head, for example.

Frequent stretching gradually slackens the skin. There is also the natural lack of moisture in adults’ skin and the loss of collagen and elastin that ensure a plump complexion. Because of these, wrinkles may start forming if no part maintenance is carried out on the neck region.

Taking care of the neck skin keeps the skin firm and supple. Neck skins are among those areas of skin that are relatively thin and prone to wrinkles. To keep them smooth for a long time, these delicate areas need intensive care that provides moisture.

What Are the Causes of Wrinkles on the Neck?

  • Wrinkles occur because the skin becomes drier with age.
  • The reason for this is a slowed metabolism and a lower production of the skin’s moisturizing factors and lipids.
  • Pronounced wrinkles form due to the lower collagen and elastin content in the dermis.
  • Strong wrinkles and loss of volume, for example, on the chin or along the jawline, occur because the number and size of the fat-storing cells in the subcutaneous tissue (hypodermis or the subcutis) decrease.

5 Ways to Smoothen Out Neck Wrinkles

The skin changes with age. It loses moisture and lipids that protect the skin. This natural process cannot be stopped. But you can delay it and mitigate the consequences!

It is essential to tailor the care to the increased needs of mature skin – and not just on the face. The sensitive skin on the neck, which is often exposed to the sun, should also be included in your care routine at an early stage.

Below are some care tips to ensure:

1. Ensure Regular Cleansing

Treating the skin of the neck as a part of the face is the key to having a radiant and beautiful neck region that is devoid of wrinkles, sunburns, and other imperfections.

Don’t forget to clean your neck when removing makeup to avoid leaving the base makeup on your neck and causing skin aging. After applying the moisturizing lotion on your face, please gently wipe your neck. You can use a collagen-rich neck mask once to two weeks to maintain the neck skin elasticity.

2. Apply Anti-Aging Creams and Masks

Day and night creams used daily with anti-aging ingredients such as Q10 can support the regeneration of the skin. It will also contribute to firmer skin on the neck. Regular anti-aging masks can also help prevent wrinkles on the neck.

Tip for a mask: apply the night care a little thicker. Then let the cream take effect briefly and remove the product residues with a cosmetic tissue.

3. Choose an Anti-Wrinkle Essence for the Neck

As earlier mentioned, the skin on the neck is thinner than the face, so it is fragile and sensitive. Therefore, neck care products can’t be sloppy.

It is recommended to choose an anti-wrinkle essence for the neck with a refreshing texture to avoid being too moisturizing and causing small acne on the neck.

When applying skincare products, use massage techniques. Use your fingertips to gently push from bottom to top along the contours of your face.

Finally, rub your hands to warm the neck and hold your neck with the temperature of your palms for 10 seconds, which makes the skincare easily absorbed by the skin. It can also help lift and tighten the skin.

4. Stretching and Releasing the Pressure of the Neck

Women use mobile phones not only for fun but more often because of work. However, we often hold our mobile phones with our heads down. This, therefore, results in squeezing the necks for a long time.

Then, the lines on the necks start to appear more.

So, ensure you spend five to ten minutes a day with your head up at 35 degrees to stretch your neck comfortably. But don’t over-stretch it, which will cause more lines and will compress the back of the neck.

By maintaining good living habits and maintaining the correct posture, you can become a beauty of frozen age.

5. Apply Sun Protection When Going Out

When it comes to anti-aging care, many think of the face first and foremost. The neck, on the other hand, is often neglected. For example, many often use sun protection on the face and not the neck region. However, to slow down the formation of wrinkles, these skin areas also need appropriate care.

To prevent wrinkles, you have to think about UV protection! UV rays promote skin aging. To prevent wrinkles on the neck, consistent sun protection with an appropriate skincare product with sun protection factor is essential.

Exercise Steps for Maintaining the Neck Skin

In this section, we introduce the neck exercises that are very simple and easy to learn. These are broken down step after step and can be performed at any time in the office or home.

Step1: Before exercising, we must first perform some neck massage. The first step is to hold the ears with both hands and then slowly massage down until you reach the clavicle position.

Then, gently press the neck with both hands. This can effectively promote blood and lymph circulation and prevent it from being blocked.

Step2: Then, slowly move your hands down, along the direction from the neck to the shoulders. Massage each position with the power of your fingers, effectively alleviating the stiffness and fatigue caused by the day’s work.

Also, repeatedly make back and forth massage. This can also help the waste and excess fat in the body to be discharged through the pores.

Step3: Next, start the back and forth movement of the neck. The first is to hug the head with the arms. Ensure the palms are close to the head and the head is slowly tilted toward the arms.  

Pay attention to the body. Ensure it’s not tilted. This action can help stretch the neck muscles, relieve fatigue, and also have an effect on the treatment of stiff neck.

Step4: Finally, turn your head to the left and right. While turning the head, look at the direction of the head rotation. Keep your body upright and relax your shoulders without arching.

Long-term desk work will stiffen the neck muscles and cause the left and right rotatable areas to shrink. This action can make the neck more flexible.

Step5: Sit as straight as possible on a chair. Put your head back slightly so that you feel a pleasant stretch on your neck. Breathe in and out with your nose.  

As you exhale, place your lower lip over your upper lip – tensing your neck muscles. Relax your lips and throat as you breathe in. Repeat the whole thing ten times.

Anti-Aging Tips for Your Neck

Below are some tips for ensuring the skin around your neck doesn’t age faster than the rest of your face. These tips can also be of benefit to the other parts of your skin.

Tips1: It would be best if you prevented wrinkles while sleeping. If we lie on our side or our stomach, the skin on the neck will form some wrinkles. So, it’s better to sleep on the bed with your back.

Tips2: Those who eat healthily can counteract premature aging of the skin. Vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables, for example, have an antioxidant effect. That means: They fight free radicals and thus protect the cells on the skin.

Tips3: Wrinkles on the neck can also be caused by dryness. Sufficient fluid intake (1.5 to 2 liters of water daily) is therefore essential to supply the skin with moisture from the inside.

Tips4: It pays to do without smoking and taking alcohol. These substances quicken the aging process. Smokers age much faster. Alcohol is also harmful to the skin and leads to wrinkles on the neck.

Tips5: It would be best if you spared some time for going out and moving, especially for those who work at home. Even a walk in the fresh air stimulates blood circulation in the skin. The supply of nutrients and oxygen increases, and cell renewal is stimulated. The result is a beautiful, radiant complexion.


The neck skin, like the facial skin, needs to be hydrated and nourished regularly and at the same pace as the facial care. There are many skincare products, practices, and exercises specially used to care for the neck. Follow and use them appropriately. In general, sport and physical activity promote blood circulation and thus the metabolism of the skin. However, specific exercises can specifically strengthen the neck muscles and thus prevent wrinkles on the neck.

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